Need A Rain Poncho For A Sporting Event

Festival rain ponchos

Never miss any action with a rain poncho.

Sporting events are huge for a business that sells rain ponchos, Why you ask? Because when it rains at one of these events, you basically have a huge crowd of people standing or sitting in the rain, and they aren’t going to move.

No one wants to just sit there and get drenched, so people grab the almighty rain poncho and hang tough. People used to use golf umbrellas, but the problem is that the rain runs off the sides of the umbrellas, and drenches people around the golf umbrella user.

So football, tennis, any outdoor events were having audience members get into huge fights, because one person gets out a golf umbrella, gets everyone wet and blocks people’s views. So almost every outdoor sporting venue in the world has banned golf umbrellas, and prefers that the audience members wear rain ponchos instead.

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